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Becoming a Road Safety Auditor

There are two levels of accreditation. The primary stage of accreditation is a Road Safety Auditor and the advanced stage of accreditation is a Senior Road Safety Auditor.

Maintaining Auditor Accreditation - IPWEA WA and Main Roads WA have agreed that from 30 June 2006, Senior Road Safety Auditors must team lead at least TWO road safety audits over TWO years to maintain accreditation as a Senior Road Safety Auditor. All Senior Road Safety Auditors must also ensure they register their audits to remain accredited. Similarly Road Safety Auditors are required to be team members on at least TWO audits over two years to maintain their accreditation. Audit team members must also ensure their audits are registerd to remain accredited. Auditors who do not maintain their accreditation will be removed from the list.

Please be advised that the approval process does take time so applications should be lodged promptly to avoid any unnecessary delays.