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Term of Reference

The Road Safety Audit Panel has representation from IPWEA WA, MRWA, Department of Transport, Local Government, WALGA and private industry. The objective of the Panel is to promote a safer road environment for all road users in Western Australia through road safety engineering expertise. The role of the Panel is -

  • To promote good road safety practices in Western Australia through increased knowledge, awareness and cooperation between all stakeholders including – the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia WA Inc. (IPWEA WA); Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA); the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA); Local Government (LG); Road Safety Practitioners; the Departments of Planning, Transport and Local Government; the Public Transport Authority; road user groups; and, the WA Police.

  • To promote a coordinated approach highlighting best practice to road safety auditing between the stakeholders.

  • To promote standardised road safety audit procedures based on the Austroads Road Safety Audit Guidelines.

  • To provide road safety auditor training required in Western Australia to become an accredited road safety auditor and CPD Update training required to maintain road safety auditor accreditation.

  • To set and review guidelines for the accreditation of Road Safety Auditors and Senior Road Safety Auditors in Western Australia.

  • For IPWEA WA to maintain a database made up of an up-to-date register of accredited Road Safety Auditors, Senior Road Safety Auditors, and all Road Safety Audits.

  • To provide ongoing professional development opportunities and promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences between road safety practitioners by creating avenues to meet, network and learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge in the field of road safety, and

  • To provide an avenue for complaints to be addressed in accordance with the Complaints and Disciplinary Action Procedures.

Download the full Terms of Reference in PDF form here: 2014 Road Safety Audit Terms of Reference