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Audit Teams

Austroads Guide to Road Safety Part 6: Road Safety Audit states that audits must be conducted by a core team i.e. consisting of at least two members, one of whom must be a senior auditor and fill the assigned role of team leader. The audit team should have experience pertinent to the type of project to be audited, and be independent from the design process. The most appropriate size of an audit team depends on the nature, extent, and complexity of the audit task, and whether and/or any training opportunities are to be provided.

In Western Australia audit/inspection team leaders must be a MRWA/IPWEA-WA accredited Senior Road Safety Auditor and audit team members must be at least a MRWA/IPWEA-WA accredited Road Safety Auditor. An exemption to the minimum audit team composition is only permitted for regional road authorities who have been granted a temporary regional exemption and for the delivery of the road safety audit training practical module where an Audit Team Trainee can perform the role of audit team member.