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Senior Road Safety Auditor Accreditation (Restricted)

Senior Road Safety Auditor Accreditation (Restricted)

Senior Road Safety Auditor Accreditation (Restricted) has been introduced as it is a requirement for all Roadworks Traffic Managers (RTMs) to hold current accreditation as a senior MRWA/IPWEA Road Safety Auditor.

Aspiring RTMs that work exclusively with Traffic Management Schemes at Roadworks may find it difficult to meet the requirement of being a team member on at least three audits a are either Feasibility, Preliminary or Detailed Design stage audits.

These individuals may apply to become Senior Road Safety Auditors (restricted to.Traffic Management at Roadworks). As the name implies, the holder of this accreditation is restricted to leading audit teams at Roadworks traffic management schemes.

Applications should be in conjunction with RTM applications and sent to the Road Safety Policy Coordinator.

To become a Senior Road Safety Auditor (restricted to Traffic Management at Roadworks) you shall:

  • Have a minimum of five years’ practical experience in the review, approval or design of Roadwork Traffic Management Plans.
  • Have been an Audit Team Member or Audit Team Trainee on at least five road safety audits (this includes
    compliance and suitability audits) within the previous two years under the
    guidance of an accredited Senior Road Safety Auditor, where at least one of the
    audits has been a Detailed Design Stage audit.
  • Have completed the WA Road Safety Audit Course, within the previous 5 years, OR be a current practicing WA accredited Road Safety
  • Carried at least one compliance or suitability audit of a Roadwork Traffic
    Management Plan under the guidance of an RTM.
  • Have met all the RTM Accreditation requirements and been recommended by the RTM Accreditation Panel.

You are required to provide:

  • A completed application form detailing the above requirements.
  • A copy of the audit report led under independent mentorship.
  • A signed Checklist for Mentoring of Trainee Team Leaders (completed by the
    Independent Mentor).
  • Evidence of audits attended (including a copy of the audit report front cover page
    and the page listing your name and the role you performed in the audit).
  • Evidence of attendance at the WA Road Safety Audit Seminar or recognised
    equivalent (Course Certificate).
  • Supporting information of five years relevant experience (CV, Resume etc.)

Applications can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Senior Road Safety Auditor Requirements 
Checklist (Restricted)

Senior Road Safety Auditor Application Form

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